Thursday, 16 February 2012

Decisions, decisions!

This blog is a way to keep in touch with all my RevGal pals who were so supportive of me when I talked to them about the possibility of applying for another ministry position.  This whole journey (such as it is) began a few weeks ago when it became very obvious at a Vestry meeting that it was not going to be possible for the good folks of Tiny Church to present a balanced budget.  At that time it looked as though the shortfall would be $12K.  (Since then a renewed stewardship request brought it down to $5K...but still).

I went home feeling just sick about it.  Since I've been at Tiny Church, the congregation has shrunk considerably, mostly because of deaths.  I honestly can't think of anyone who has left the congregation other than because of moving or death since I came, but; some folks have been less regular in their attendance since I came.  The reasons are varied and quite another story, but by and large, I don't think it's because of anything I've done...but; well you know how it is.....

To continue my story, after a long, sleepless and prayer filled night (largely of the sorts "Oh God, what am I going to do!), I finally got up at about 4 am and checked out the denominational "job listings" site.  And what popped up?  My dream position!  So what's the question you ask?  Well, I wish I knew....even though everyone I've spoken to (including my family) says "Go for it", I'm still hesitant.  I feel loyalty to Tiny Church, they have potential, and I've put together a plan for us to work through to try to vision what the future might hold, I've gained a good deal of trust and respect from them and I think they are a healthier congregation than when I first arrived.   AND I love the little house I've renovated and moved into.  In short, in spite of all the challenges, I'm comfortable....

And yet, the other position in the city across the mountains beckons.  It is exactly the kind of position I think God has been preparing me for, most of the work and further ed I've been doing over the past year have been leading in this direction.  I love the idea of living in this city, the parish has been in an interim position for quite a while and done a lot of work on visioning, and I think I will fit in better theologically in that place.

So, tomorrow, I'm going to screw up my courage and call my Bishop and have a chat about applying.  I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. A big part of discernment is simply, prayerfully, being open to possibility. I'm glad you are, and praying with you.

  2. I think of the old Snoopy meme: "To live is to dance, to dance is to live" -- dance on, good friend!

  3. Praying with you. Each conversation, each step, will give you a better sense of whether God is beckoning.